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 Field Trips 

 Schools and scouts are invited to participate in field trips. 


Long Ago

This covers pre-historic finds in the area and the culture of the Native Americans. It also illustrates how the families who built and inhabited this farmhouse came to Michigan.

Morning at the Farm

Through the use of antiques, we explore living on the farm and the efforts it took just to get up and ready oneself to go to school. Also covered are the chores of the men and women throughout the day.

Recess (kind of)

After the first presentation, the students move to the barn where they will have a chance to expend some excess energy and learn something too! After this, they return to the house for the second presentation. A visit to the schoolhouse in lieu of the barn is an option.

  • Who – Primarily grades 2-5

  • Dates – Inquire as to availability (October-December and March-June)

  • Times – a.m. and p.m. for 2 ½ hours each. Beginning and ending times are adjusted to your busing or school hours, but generally 9-11:30 or 12-2:30

  • Cost – $3.00 per student (minimum $30)

Christmas Field Trip

In early to mid December we offer a special 2-hour field trip to allow the children to experience Christmas at the farm. We are very careful to explain that the reason we discuss Christmas is the fact that both families who lived here were practicing Christians and therefore observed Christmas as a special day. Cost is $3.50 per student (minimum $30).

School Field Trip

In 1995 we dismantled the Thompson School, moved it to this historic property and reconstructed it. “Day in a One Room School” field trips are now available. Children will experience what it was like to learn in the time period 1876-1910.

  • Who – grades K-5

  • Dates – September-December and March-June

  • Time – A typical school day ran from 9-4, but for our purposes we will run “Day in a One Room School” approximately 9:00-3:00, or whatever your normal hours are.

  • Cost – $4.00 per student ($75 minimum)


We have access to the curriculum used at several Day in a One Room School Programs. We will loan these out in advance of your trip. We also have available for your use, level 2 Harper’s Readers and reproduction slates. In addition, many of the original texts used in the school are on display.

Farm and school phone number is 248-698-3350, however, since no answering machine is available or regular hours kept at the facilities, phone number is only good for the day of the field trip (approximately one hour before arrival time or after departure).

Other Field Trips

Various other groups can be accommodated on an as requested basis. We have hosted groups of Questers, DAR, senior citizens, blind support groups as well as those who are physically or mentally challenged.

For reservations, call Ron Hinman 248-698-9279 or Marge Sawruk 248-698-2737

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